Eat Better

Satia Complete Meal is plant-based nutrition for when time is short. Premium ingredients. No compromise.

Packed with Phytonutrients

Ready in under a Minute

boosts performance of body & mind

Designed to help you perform better in the office, in the gym, or in life.

Benefits 6 Key Areas of Human Health

Satia contains functional plant-based foods that research shows are beneficial for critical aspects of human health.


Foods naturally high in Zinc, Selenium, Glutamine, and Vitamin D are essential for a strong immune system that can fight off infection.

Athletic Performance

Superfoods such as beetroot have been shown to boost athletic performance and enhance muscle function

Brain Function

Flavonoids and Vitamin E are both shown to boost cognitive performance and combat mental decay as you age.

Mood & Energy Levels

Foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids fight cognitive decline and aid in treating mood disorders.


The plant compounds Anthocyanins, Flavonoids, and Catechins are proven to reduce markers of inflammation.

Effects of Aging

Carotenoids, pholyphenols, and Isoflavones reduce oxidative stress in the body combating age-related disease.

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