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Satia 2L pouch, cacao

Stop snacking every 5 minutes

Satia is a breakfast shake that gives you sustained, clean energy to start your day. No jitters, no crash.

Packed with 24 super-food ingredients
Provides the energy of coffee, none of the jitters or crash
Optimized for six areas of health: Immunity, athletic performance, brain function, mood & energy, inflammation, aging
Ingredients backed by scientific research
241 Calories, 24.8g of plant-protein
Prepare in under a minute

Designed for whole body health

Research-proven benefits of plant-based foods.


Aids the immune system in fighting off infection with Zinc, Selenium, Glutamine, vitamin D and more.

Athletic performance

Boost athletic performance and enhance your muscle function with superfoods such as beetroot.

Brain Function

Combat mental decay and enhance cognitive function with flavonoids and vitamin E.

Mood and Energy

Fight cognitive decline and treat mood disorders with foods nutritionally rich in omega 3 fatty acids.


Reduce your inflammation markers with proven plant compounds anthocyanins, flavonoids and catechins.

Effects of Aging

Relieve stress and combat age-related disease with Carotenoids, Polyphenols and Isoflavones.


24 superfoods including blueberry, cacao, macadamia nut, beetroot and more. See the complete list below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

24.8 grams of plant-based protein | 17.2 grams low glycemic carbohydrates | 10.5 grams healthy plant-based fats | 9.8 grams prebiotic fiber | 241 calorie | 15 servings

1) Scoop two heaping scoops (scooper included) into a shaker bottle. 2) Add 24oz of water or your favorite type of plant-based milk. 3) Shake thoroughly (include a shaker bottle ball for best results) 4) Enjoy Optional) Add a handful of ice, a banana and blend in a blender for a smoother and sweeter experience