About Satia

Scientific Advancements Inspire Products Defined by Our Values.

Our Values


Committed to truthful nutritional claims and product sourcing.


Research supports each nutritional and health claim we make.


100% bio-degradable and environmentally responsible packaging.


We are not creating an empire, we are forming a tribe.

Why We Created Satia

Frustrated by an inability to find a product that met our high standards, we created Satia.

Making Nutrition Our Top Priority.

In an age where protecting our health has become a 24/7/365 obsession, we’ve learned the hard way that innovation must be grounded in both science and best practices.

Leverage Insight from Experience.

Founders Benjamin Bowers and Peter Vijeh confess their first-hand insight into wear and tear on the body from athletic competition and fitness conditioning only reinforced their obsession for health and nutrition.

Out With the Bad, In With the Good.

Our Mission is simple. Top quality functional foods from sources that you can trust. Free of all contaminants, heavy metals, and preservatives.

Our Story

Longtime friends Benjamin Bowers and Peter Vijeh obsess over nutrition. Our idea was to take the latest advancements in nutrition science and turn them into easily accessible products and information, to help everyone get more out of life.

and so we did.

We created Satia because we believe all the world's people deserve to benefit advancements in scientific knowledge.