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Crossfit Squat Workouts

Crossfit squat workouts popular workout of the day (WOD). Nancy WOD Start with 5 Rounds for Time 400-meter Run 15 Overhead Squats

Shoulder Superset Workouts

Shoulder superset workouts build muscle. Best back and shoulder exercises strengthen the shoulders · Overhead press · Face pull · Uptight row

Chisel Workouts

Build muscle and lose fat with chisel workouts. In 60 days, hammer and chisel workouts take 30-40 minutes a day to get

Core Workouts for Basketball

Core Workouts for Basketball · Landmine Full Contact Twist · Long Lever Plank · Russian Twists · Glute Bridge

Upper Body Workouts for Soccer Players

Upper body workouts for soccer players 1. Chest Presses 2. Bench Press 3. Spiderman Pushup 4. Pushup Pike on Stability Ball

Isometric Push Up

Isometric push up works on core muscles, arm, and back muscles. To do an isometric push-up hold: 1. Start as a regular push up, then

7 Dumbbell Cardio Workouts

Dumbbell cardio workouts are one of the best full-body workouts you can do at home. Cardiovascular workouts with dumbbells strengthen your

Workouts for Arm Wrestling

Workouts for arm wrestling help to build up strength in the forearms, wrists, biceps, triceps. Best arm wrestling workouts 1. Hammer Curls

7 Collarbone Workouts for a Defined Collarbone

These 7 exercises are collarbone workouts for a more visible collarbone. Step by step exercises for a defined collarbone. Beauty bone

Best Pre Workouts Without Creatine

Best pre workouts without creatine include citruilline, beta-alanine, and performance-enhancers. No creatine is needed for muscle mass gains

Sea Moss Benefits for Men

Discover the amazing health benefits of sea moss that can boost men’s wellness and performance.

Medicine Ball Workouts With a Partner

Medicine ball workouts with a partner make it fun. Build strength and increase flexibility with medicine ball training

B12 Shots for Weight Loss

B12 shots for weight loss can make a difference during your weight loss journey. Use B12 injections to boost your weight loss on your own. B12 injections may also be a part of a medical weight loss program. Vitamin B12 shots can help you receive the recommended daily intake of this vitamin. B12 shots for […]

5 Quad Workouts with Dumbells

Quad workouts with dumbbells allow you to strengthen the quads. You can do these without machines, barbells or lifting with the help of other people. Include dumbell quad exercises with your leg exercises to increase your quad strength. You can use quad dumbell exercises to build strong legs during home workouts.  Strong quads are the […]

6 Best Low Caffeine Pre Workouts

The best low caffeine pre workouts support intense training without being loaded on caffeine and stimulants. Low caffeine pre workouts help

Vegan Meal Replacement Shake – Satia Complete Meal

This vegan meal replacement shake is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Find Out Which 7 Exercises to Do Everyday

Want to find out which 7 exercises to do everyday? Start by planning your fitness routine with workouts to do everyday. Use these proven training tips to choose your exercises to do every day. These 7 daily exercises are proven by fitness experts to help you maximize your results. 1. Stretching Stretching and breathwork are […]

Does Losing Weight Increase Size? Why It Happens and What You Should Do

Does losing weight increase size? Can you lose weight and not inches? If you’ve noticed that you’re losing inches not weight even while following a diet and fitness regime, consider this. Daily weigh-ins (1) and not knowing how to properly weigh yourself (2) are two reasons why you may wonder if it is possible to […]

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