12 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Satia Complete-Meal Every Day

It might seem just a vegan protein source, but it’s so much more than that. We are about to tell you 12 reasons why you should be eating Satia Complete-Meal

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What is Satia Complete-Meal?

Satia complete-meal might seem just a vegan protein source, but it’s so much more than that. We call it a “complete meal” because it includes everything you need to boost your body, feel great, energize, and improve your immune system. From mushrooms to sprouts, vitamins to minerals, this complete blend is just what the doctor ordered. This dietary supplement can be mixed into dairy or nut milk, water, or any other drinks you enjoy as easy as can be. It doesn’t get any easier than that. We are about to tell you 12 reasons why you should eat Satia Complete-Meal every single day. But why exactly is this supplement good for your health?

Reading this article you will learn that Satia Complete-Meal could:

  • reduce high blood pressure
  • reduce your risk of developing heart disease
  • prevent iron deficiency and promote bone health
  • jump-start your immune system
  • keep your bones strong and healthy
  • reduce cancer risk
  • ward off eye disease and improve eye health
  • give you an antioxidant boost
  • help your metabolism
  • lower your cholesterol
  • improve brain health and functioning
  • help keep your skin clear and healthy


Beyond its impressive ingredient list, all of these elements can reduce your risk of diseases, strengthen your organs and body systems, and get you feeling great. Instead of just delivering protein, this blend of ingredients will get you into the healthiest state possible, so you can maximize your exercise potential and training and feel better too.

The 12 reasons why you should be eating Satia Complete meal

Eating Satia Complete-Meal could reduce high blood pressure

High blood pressure can lead to difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, confusion, and many other problems (1). Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have found that vitamin C can lower your blood pressure. Dr. Miller, a professor involved in the study, reminded interviewers that the effects are minimal and intended to be part of a healthy maintenance diet with exercise (2). If extremely high blood pressure persists, medication and other medical interventions should be undertaken (3).

The 12 reasons why you should be eating Satia Complete meal

Magnesium is also credited with lowering high blood pressure. A recent study in Japan found that participants taking magnesium supplements had lower blood pressure than those receiving the placebo (4). In various studies, magnesium is found to have a mild to moderate effect on hypertension, but the results vary. Magnesium is also known to reduce cardiovascular diseases risk like stroke and coronary heart disease (5). Satia’s Complete-Meal is supplemented with both vitamin C and magnesium, so you benefit on both counts.

It could reduce your risk of developing heart disease

Cardiovascular disease has become a significant problem, including coronary artery disease, heart attacks, heart failure, heart defects, and artery/blood vessel diseases. Your heart and vessel systems are arguably one of the most vital systems in your body, and one you need to keep healthy and strong if you want to live a long life. Cardiovascular disease is debilitating and, in advanced stages, either requires risky surgery or is fatal.

The 12 reasons why you should be eating Satia Complete meal

The good news is that Satia’s Complete-Meal can help. This blend includes several vitamins and minerals that can prevent cardiovascular disease and promote the health of your arteries, blood vessels, and heart as they work hard to pump blood throughout your body. Our Complete-Meal blend contains vitamin C, E, and B6. The effect of vitamin C on cardiovascular health remains controversial, but some studies have shown it has a beneficial effect on reducing cardiovascular disease (6). In a recent study, vitamin E lowered coronary heart disease risk in middle-aged male and female clinical trial participants. Researchers found that vitamin E supplements might help reduce the risk of mortality, heart failure, and hemorrhagic stroke (7). Vitamin B6 is also associated with reducing cardiovascular disease risk, but this is a controversial finding that requires more research.

Along with these, folate has also been associated with reducing cardiovascular disease risk, reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke by 20% if you take a daily supplement (8, 9). Selenium is also known to reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 24% when blood concentrations increase by 50% (10). Low copper was found to increase cardiovascular disease risk and poor heart and organ health in clinical trial participants (11). These results suggest that increasing your folate, copper, and selenium intake might be an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health. Luckily for you, our Complete-Meal contains all three.

Eating Satia Complete-Meal could prevent iron deficiency and promote bone health

Iron deficiency is another problem affecting approximately 10 million people in the United States, half of whom have iron-deficiency anemia (12). Vitamin C (handily found in our Complete-Meal) can improve iron absorption from foods, meaning you get more iron from your foods that can be absorbed and usable (13). Whether you’re getting your iron from fish, vegetables, or meats, getting enough vitamin C (also called ascorbic acid) can ensure you can absorb it efficiently (14). Folate deficiencies can also lead to anemia, which means your blood can’t transport oxygen to all of those tissues and organs that need it (15). Vitamin B12 deficiency causes another form of anemia because our body uses B12 to make red blood cells (16, 17). Satia’s Complete-Meal is supplemented with vitamin C, folate, and vitamin B12, so you don’t have to worry about deficiencies arising from lack of these essential nutrients when your diet falls a bit short.

It could jump-start your immune system

Whether it’s flu season or not, our immune system could always use a boost. Satia’s Complete-Meal contains several nutrients that can help, keeping your immune system on the defense and ready to fight off invaders. Vitamin C is back to the rescue again, improving cellular functions of the innate and adaptive immune systems that are always at work, keeping us healthy. This vitamin can support barriers that protect against pathogens and protect us from oxidative stress. It also accumulates in several immune cells and is thought to play a role in enhancing pathogen death and defenses, though much about this process remains unknown (18).

Vitamin A isn’t just great for your eyes but is also another immune-boosting vitamin. It is essential for developing immune cells into their active form and has been used to treat several infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, AIDS, and measles (19). Check out the “10 Foods High in Vitamin A.”

Zinc is another underestimated micronutrient essential to support your immune system in the fight against invading bacteria and viruses (20). Our Complete-Nutrition also includes selenium and copper required for proper inflammation and immunity, protecting our body from conditions from asthma to immune-related conditions (21, 22).

Eating Satia Complete-Meal could keep your bones strong and healthy

Whether bone fragility is due to age, development, or osteoporosis, bone health is often something we don’t treasure until we’ve lost it. Having healthy bones and teeth is essential for our well-being, mobility, and independence. Vitamin A is associated with some benefits to bone health, but this remains controversial (23). Vitamin E is a more established vitamin confirmed to help protect the strength of our bones and teeth. This vitamin is associated with strong bone formation, reducing the loss of integrity (i.e., osteoporosis formation), and a variety of immune functions that improve bone resorption (recycling your old bone material into new bones) (24). 

The 12 reasons why you should be eating Satia Complete meal

Lack of vitamin D can lead to osteoporosis because your calcium and bone minerals can’t be reabsorbed as easily (25). “Vitamin D Could Lower Risk of Mortality and Severity of Coronavirus (COVID-19).” Vitamin K works with vitamin D to increase bone density, keeping our bones strong (26). Two other little-known minerals needed for healthy bones are copper, which keeps our bone strength high and reduce skeletal abnormalities, and boron, which collaborates in bone development and regeneration (27, 28). To make things easier when life gets busy, our Complete-Meal is supplemented with all these vitamins and minerals to keep your bones healthy and strong, even when you don’t have time to source out bone health-boosting foods.

Satia Complete-Meal has several ingredients that potentially reduces cancer risk

Cancer rates are on the rise, with approximately 16,850 people aged 0-19 estimated to be diagnosed and 1,730 estimated to die of the disease this year (29). Vitamin E is not associated with reducing incidence or mortality related to cancer but has been associated with reducing prostate cancer development (though researchers don’t know why this is currently) (30). In addition, niacin can improve your ability to repair your DNA (DNA mutations can result in cancer) (31). These two nutrients are also added supplements found in our new Complete-Meal.

Eating Satia Complete-Meal could ward off eye disease and improve eye health

Our Complete-Meal is supplemented with vitamin A (which we’ve talked about a bit already) essential for eye health. People tell children to eat carrots to keep eyes healthy, and that’s because of the beta-carotene (vitamin A) in them. Vitamin A is part of rhodopsin, a protein in the retinal receptors of your eyes that absorb light, allowing you to see (32). As you age, inflammation and oxidation cause eye diseases that can be prevented or delayed by sufficient vitamin A intake (33, 34).  

The 12 reasons why you should be eating Satia Complete meal

It contains a wealth of disease-fighting antioxidants

Oxidative stress is a bad thing. It is a by-product of our metabolism and occurs when we break down sugars into energy, producing radical oxygen species. These oxygen atoms go on to damage DNA and cause diseases like cancer (35). But never fear. Our Complete-Meal contains several antioxidant vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, selenium, copper, and manganese that can sequester these free oxygen radicals and turn them into harmless compounds (36, 37, 38, 39). That means a lower risk of many diseases and a healthier you (all conveniently located in a single protein supplement).

It contains ingredients essential for our metabolism

Our metabolism is one of the most impressive processes our body performs daily. Breaking down complex drugs into usable compounds or foods into sugars -and even further from sugars into energy- that our cells can use is a tricky process requiring several nutrients, enzymes, and other constituents to be performed correctly.

The 12 reasons why you should be eating Satia Complete meal

Riboflavin (also called vitamin B2) is part of two coenzymes needed to metabolize fat, drugs, and steroids (40). Vitamin B5 (also called pantothenic acid) is needed as a coenzyme of our metabolic processes, breaking down the fats we eat, and making new fats our body needs (41). Biotin is another B vitamin that is needed as a coenzyme of our fatty acid, glucose, and amino acid metabolism, and we have to get these from the foods that we eat (42).

Last but certainly not least, zinc is another mineral needed for metabolism, used for absorption of nutrients in the intestine from your foods, and for transportation of nutrients and cellular products between cells during your metabolic process (43). We know it can be hard to track down all of these nutrients in your foods, so we’ve supplemented our Complete-Meal with these four metabolic essentials for your convenience.

Eating Satia Complete-Meal could lower your cholesterol

High cholesterol has increasingly become a problem in our society, with 38% of Americans suffering from this condition (44). However, niacin in our Complete-Meal is your cholesterol hero! Niacin is broken down into NAD, which is essential for our metabolic processes and has a big role in cholesterol synthesis and breakdown (45). Several studies have shown this benefit, and niacin is now used as a common cholesterol-lowering medication, available in a prescribed pill (46). If you’re at risk of high cholesterol, our Complete-Meal has the niacin for you.

It could improve brain health and functioning

Niacin is not only great for lowering your cholesterol, but it’s also essential for proper brain function. Niacin is known to be neuroprotective, guarding our brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s. Niacin can also reduce your risk of developing psychiatric disorders, although more research is needed in this area (47).

The 12 reasons why you should be eating Satia Complete meal

In recent years, autism diagnoses and incidences are on the rise. Niacin is at the forefront of autism research. While much remains unknown, this vitamin has a calming effect, stimulating serotonin and melatonin production, and is frequently used to treat individuals with autism (48). Vitamin B6 is also essential for proper brain functioning, but much about this process is unknown (49).

Iodine is a micronutrient often forgotten during health regimens, but it is essential for mediating thyroid hormones and their effect on brain development. An iodine deficiency can cause several mental impairments, including neurotransmitter problems and hormone disorders (50). Finally, copper is another trace element that is vital for preventing oxidative stress in the brain. While we know brain function requires copper and brain astrocytes to regulate copper homeostasis, very little is known about this process (51).

It could help keep your skin clear and healthy

Our Complete-Meal contains three supplements that are essential for clear and healthy skin. After all, the face you put forward is responsible for people’s first impressions and can give you the confidence boost you need. Niacin’s close relative niacinamide as a topical application was noted to increase skin barrier function, improve skin moisture, and reduce water loss, keeping skin supple and smooth (52). Biotin has been seen to promote skin health, but this was only within a small sample set (53). Finally, copper positively affects the skin, improves elasticity, and reduces wrinkles in clinical studies (54).

The 12 reasons why you should be eating Satia Complete meal

In conclusion, why should you be eating Satia Complete-Meal every single day.

While a balanced and healthy diet is the key to a healthy body and long life, Satia’s new Complete-Meal Vegan Protein can help you meet your daily needs for many vitamins and minerals that can be hard to track down in your food. This means that even on your busiest days, you know you’re getting all of the nutrients you need to keep your body running right, maximizing both your health and your physical abilities.

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