5 Uses of Flaxseed Powder

Flaxseed powder has been touted as a “cure-all” for ailments and all-around wonder food. We will go through the 5 uses of flaxseed powder

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Flaxseed powder has been touted as a “cure-all” for ailments and all-around wonder food. Is organic flax seed powder better than non-organic? What are some flax seed benefits? Is the blend of sprouted chia and flax seed powder even healthier for your dietary needs? We’ll be dissecting each of these questions, going through the 5 uses of flaxseed powder.

We will take a closer look at the potential health benefits of flaxseed powder, such as diabetes prevention, cardiovascular health boost, and correct daily fiber intake.

Health Uses of Flaxseed Powder

 Let’s immediately tackle the question of organic versus non-organic. While organic foods overall might be healthier or safer in some cases, the scientific evidence for this has not yet been shown [1]. Organic flax seed powder is not better for health in any specific parameter than non-organic formulations.

Flaxseed oil, fiber, and lignans can prevent disease

These components of flax have now been implicated in improving symptoms of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many other disorders. These small seeds have been used as a potential treatment for autoimmune and neurological disorders, though little is known about this yet [2].

Flaxseed can reduce inflammatory and oxidative disease

Dietary flaxseed, like flax seed powder, contains omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid, lignin, and fiber, which work together to improve health [3, 4, 5]. Chronic inflammation occurs when the inflammatory process (redness, swelling, and local immune response) persists, despite no current injury resulting from a condition like obesity or diabetes [6].

Oxidative diseases happen when you accumulate free oxygen radicals, a natural by-product of our metabolism and the aging process [7]. These radicals can cause diseases like cancer by mutating DNA. Flaxseed powder ingredients could reduce your risk of chronic inflammation and its associated health problems, as well as oxidative diseases [8].

Flax seeds are high in fiber

Fiber is an essential nutrient that we get from our food. It helps us digest foods properly, feeds our gut bacteria, and performs many other functions in our body [9]. By getting a dose of flaxseed powder, you can boost your daily intake of fibers, which is a great thing for your health [10, 11]

Flaxseeds can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease

The healthy compounds in flaxseed (and flaxseed powder), including omega-3 fatty acids and linolenic acid, can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Flaxseeds have also been noted to reduce blood pressure, preventing cardiovascular problems [12].

With coronary artery disease and other cardiovascular problems on the rise, the daily addition of flaxseed powder might be your key to reducing your risk and keeping your cardiovascular system healthy for years to come [13].

Flaxseed powder can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes

Diabetes occurs when you have too much sugar in your blood and cannot process it correctly. Your body needs insulin to bring the sugar from the blood into the cells where it is needed [14]. Flaxseed powder can help you avoid this problem by keeping blood sugar levels more stable after eating and reducing fasting blood glucose levels [15].

Sprouted Chia Flaxseed Powder Blends

You can often find flaxseed powder as a blend of sprouted chia and flaxseed powder, giving you even more health benefits. Chia is another great source of disease-fighting micronutrients that can keep you healthy, so let’s take a closer look at some of the health benefits of chia.

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Chia seed is high in antioxidants

Like flaxseeds, chia is a natural antioxidant source, fighting off diseases like cancer caused by free oxygen radicals [16]. If you get a blend of the two, you have double the disease-fighting power in a single supplement [17]

Chia is high in disease-fighting micronutrients

Chia seeds have been historically consumed for their ability to reduce blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and stimulate your immune system [18]. Chia is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, responsible for many of these health benefits [19]. Many of these properties are shared with flaxseeds, and consuming a blend increases your health-promoting micronutrient intake.

Chia is also high in fiber

If you want to increase your fiber intake, even more, chia blended with flaxseeds is the way to do it [20]. Chia seeds are naturally high in fiber, the health benefits of which we’ve already covered in this article.

In Conclusion, 5 Uses of Flaxseed Powder

A blend of flax and chia seed powder can be your key to better overall health. Loaded with amino acids, fiber, micronutrients, and disease-fighting compounds, this addition to a smoothie, yogurt, or protein shake can get you well on the way to a healthier you.

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