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Isometric push up works on core muscles, arm, and back muscles. To do an isometric push-up hold: 1. Start as a regular push up, then

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An isometric push up is a great exercise to develop your core and upper body strength. [1] What is isometric push-up? Is a push up an isometric exercise? Unlike a regular push-up, an isometric push up requires you to hold your position during the lowest point of the push up. 

Ready to improve your muscle strength? Keep reading to learn how to do your first isometric push-up and tips for doing better isometric push-ups. Read on to learn more about isometric push up hold benefits. Here is why you should include them in your at-home or gym workouts.

What Is an Isometric Push-up?

A push up isometric hold is a combination of two exercises: a plank and push up. [2] It is a lot tougher to do than a normal push up because of an extra step. During the bottom of the push up rep when you are closest to the floor, you need to hold that position. 

For an extended period of time, roughly 5-10 seconds, hold yourself barely above the floor. After this step, push off the floor back to the starting position. 

An isometric push-up is also called an isometric push up hold. Are pushups isometric? Are push ups an isometric exercise? Not all pushups. Why? Isometric exercises involve holding the body in a specific position without joint movement or muscle. This pause or hold is designed to tighten a specific muscle group. This hold makes a push up an isometric exercise.

Do Isometric Push Ups Build Muscle?

Isometric exercises, including isometric push up holds are beneficial for improving your stability in a specific position. [3] Push ups isometric can also be used to improve your range of motion. Isometric pushups are used by martial artists to improve grappling strength and punching power.

They help to build strength and develop the muscles. Push-up isometric exercises are used primarily to increase core stability, muscle strength, and endurance. As you exercise more, you will be able to go from barely doing a single push up to performing many isometric pushups.

Isometric push-ups primarily target the chest. They also target the triceps, abs, lower back, middle back to a lesser extent. [4] A normal pushup versus an isometric push work slightly different muscles. A standard push up trains your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core. 

Isometric Push Up Benefits

Here are the benefits of incorporating isometric push-ups in your strength training routine:

  • Increased strength: Isometric pushups help you to build muscle, strength and endurance. [5] By doing this exercise, you stimulate muscle growth and improve your fitness level.
  • Improved joint stability: Isometric push up holds help to improve joint stability. [6] They also increase grappling stability. Isometric push ups help to prevent injury by strengthening the muscles around the joints.
  • Improved posture: Isometric push-ups target the upper body. Namely, the muscles that support your arms, spine and shoulders. They can also help to reduce back pain. [7]
  • Convenience: Isometric push ups can be done anywhere. They are a daily exercise you can do at home. 

Isometric push-up hold benefits are enormous. You can increase your stability, power, and strength. Doing push-up isometric exercises a few times a week can make a huge difference in your fitness level.

How to Do an Isometric Push Up

What equipment do you need to do isometric push ups? An exercise mat is the only item that you need for push-up isometric exercises. Learning the proper form to do isometric pushups is easier with a stable surface like an exercise mat. 

Follow these step by step isometric push up instructions to learn the exact technique:

  1. Begin in a standard push-up position with your hands shoulder-width apart. Your fingers should point forward. Maintain your body in a straight line from your head to your heels.
  2. Lower your body down until your chest is almost touching the ground.
  3. Pause in this position and hold for as long as you can.
  4. Keep your body in a straight line and engage your core muscles to maintain proper form.
  5. Hold the position for the desired number of seconds (10 seconds). Then, power push yourself back up to the starting position.
  6. Repeat the exercise for the desired number of reps.

How many reps: 3 X 10 second holds 

An advanced isometric push up hold exercise or isometric push up test can involve holding this raised position for up to 40 seconds. [8] How long you choose to hold the raised position depends on your own strength. 

Given that it’s a difficult exercise for beginners, you may only be able to do 1 or more isometric pushups. It’s ok if you are only able to hold the position for a few seconds. Keep working on improving your hold time with regular isometric push up workouts.

Proper Technique for Isometric Pushups

Maximizing your push ups isometric workouts starts with learning the right isometric push up technique. [9] Follow these isometric pushup tips for better results:

Tip #1: As you do your reps, make sure that your hips don’t sag. Your body should stay in a straight line from your head to the heels of your feet.

Tip #2: Don’t let your elbows flare out. Keeping your elbows in gives you maximum stability to help you avoid injury. 

Tip #3: Exhale with force when you push up off the ground in a power move. This will help to make each isometric push up more effective.

Take care to maintain proper form while performing isometric pushups. This will help you to avoid injury while also maximizing the benefits of the exercise. 

As always, listen to your body as you workout. Keep in mind that isometric exercises can be risky for some. They should be avoided by individuals diagnosed with hypertension. [10] They also can raise your blood pressure.

Consult your doctor before starting push up isometric hold exercises. You should pay attention to your body as you workout. If you experience any pain or discomfort, stop immediately. contact a health professional or urgent care.

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